Morgan has been published in the following books. Most recent is her own book documenting her eating disorder recovery journey. 

Unpolished Journey


Through various creative writing pieces, Morgan sheds light on the truth behind recovery. 

My Body, My Words


A collection of stories about the effects of our society's emphasis on body image has on people.

Stigma Fighters


A compilation of personal perspectives, Stigma Fighters Anthology features essays from real people living with mental illness from around the globe.


Morgan's writing and mental health advocacy work has been featured in several different blogs, magazines, and platforms.

Medium, 2019

Non-linear recovery: Morgan Blair’s Unpolished Journey

Thinking Canvas, 2018

Guided Change

Stigma Fighters, 2017

A Story about an Eating Disorder

Expressive Arts Workshops, 2016

Art and Eating Disorders

Beating Eating Disorder, 2016

Connecting with Your Experience through Art Therapy

Huffington Post, 2016

#imnotsorry Campaign Debunks Societal Norms of Body Image ​​​​​​​