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Unpolished Journey

Unpolished Journey takes the reader through a raw and uncensored look at what recovery from an eating disorder, depression, and PTSD look like on a daily basis.  The book is a collection of journal entries spanning the course of six years where through poetry, short stories, prose, and a jumble of other thoughts in an honest portrayal of the realities of mental illness are unearthed.

Morgan Blair is an artist whose work is inspired by her mental health recovery journey.  She is the founder of Unpolished Journey, an organization dedicated to promoting increased mental health awareness through creative capacities.  Morgan is a graduate of School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently getting her masters at Northwestern University where she is studying to become a therapist.  Whether painting, drawing, taking pictures, making videos, writing, or anything in between, Morgan can always be found getting her hands dirty while creating a new piece of art.  Morgan never stays in one place and is always traveling around, exploring the world, and finding new spaces that fill her soul.  Currently you can find her hiking mountains in Colorado and camping in back country places.

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