Artist FAQs

1. Can anyone sign up to be a seller on the marketplace?

Any artists who have been impacted by mental illness in some way, shape, or form (could be you personally or through a family member, a friend, etc.) and uses art as a creative outlet is encouraged to sign up to be a part of our marketplace. Each of our products comes with a story, and by creating this community, we want to remind people that they are not alone in their mental health journey.


2. How long does it take for me to be approved as a seller?  

We aim to review each seller within 3 business days of when they initially sign up. 


3. Do you accept artists of any medium?

Absolutely! We want a variety of artists, ranging from painting to fiber arts to household items (pillows, dishes, etc.) to aromatherapy.  The only thing we ask is that these items are handmade by you.


4. What percentage of sales does Unpolished Journey take?

10%.  And 15% of all of our profits will be set aside for a grant given to an artist who is a part of our marketplace! 

There is no listing fee, so there is absolutely no cost to signing up!


5. How will I get paid?

We offer three methods for artists’ payouts: Paypay, Venmo, or Zelle.  You will provide the necessary information for these payouts when you create a seller account on our marketplace.


6. When do I get paid for my product sales?

If a customer makes a purchase before 5:00 pm CST on a business day, you will get paid by 5:00 pm CST of that day.  If a customer makes a purchase after 5:00 pm CST, on a weekend, or on a US holiday, you will get paid by 5:00 pm CST the following business day day.


7. How do I add variants (i.e. various sizes, costs, etc.) to my products?

This can seem a little confusing at first, so we thought we’d give you some steps to help walk you through it.

When you are initially creating your product, there will be a button that says “add variant” towards the bottom of the page.  You will be met with these fields.

What you type into “Option Name” will show up directly above the drop-down box options on your product listing (i.e. if you type in size, it will appear like the image below).  

The “Option Value” tab is where you list the values you actually want to show up on the drop-down menu.  For example, small, medium, or large. Separate each option by commas.

Adding another option value equates to creating a second drop-down menu on the front-end of the product listing.  For example, if you want to have both size options and color options.

If you are on the initial step of creating a product and you create multiple options, you can only delete the option you are working on currently.  If you want to delete an option above that, you have to delete all of the options you have created after said option. This is just a weird quirk on the backend that we cannot change at the time.

You do not need to create a specific option for price, as you will be able to adjust the price of each variant after creating the categories.

8. Can I import my products from Etsy?

Yes.  You can export your Etsy listing in a CSV file.  Then navigate to your product listing tab and click on “More Action” → Add Product by Csv.  


9. How do I configure shipping?

Click on the “Configuration” tab, then click on “Shipping Configuration.”  

From there you will see “Marketplace Shipping” or "USPS" listed. USPS stands for United States Postal Service.

With Marketplace Shipping you can add various shipping rates based on product weight or price.  You can also select which countries you will be shipping to. 

USPS automatically calculates shipping rates for you.  

When you create a product, you will be asked to note what shipping method you will be using with that particular product.  

You will receive the shipping payment from the customer to cover shipping costs.


Customer FAQs

1. What are your policy on returns?

Return policies vary seller to seller.  Check the product listing page of each product to see if the seller accepts returns or not.


2. How do I contact a seller?

If you want to add specifics notes about a product you are purchasing, there will an option to add this once you checkout.  Below you can see what this looks like.  You can add the instructions in the box that is titled, "Special instructions for seller."


If you want to contact the seller separate from this, navigate to the artist directory on our menu and find the artist you are trying to reach (artists are listed alphabetically by first name).  On their profile, their email address will be listed.