• Don’t Put Down Your Dreams

    Words by: Megan Lawrence.  Follow more of her journey at or on her Instagram,   You can almost look anywhere and find someone who is living a so called ‘dream’ of a life. We begin to wonder what it would be like to live like them, travel to the places they have been, and experience life to the fullest. We may even begin to put ourselves down, play the victim, and believe that we can never achieve such things. It’s a shame really, how many of us stop pursuing our calling due to fear of failure, or never living up to our...

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  • Recovery Diary 04/23/19

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    Recovery comes when we can look at our current state of mind from a distance and figure out the healthy next steps to overcome the dark days.
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  • Recovery Diary 04/07/19

    Do you ever miss it? The release that it offered you? The sweet bliss of nothing at all? The emptiness? The shrinking? The isolation? The secrets? I miss it sometimes. When I am alone I hear the disease whispering to me from the crevices of my mind. The eating disorder lived up there for so […]
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  • A Poem on Transformation

    Words by: Zoe Spiers. Follow more of her journey on her Instagram, @boporecoverywarrior.    To endure the wind, the rain and those that want to bring you down, It’s a fight that seems impossible to win, But still you try, try and try again. The wind thrashes you about, The storms are a whirlwind in your mind, […]
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  • Recovery Diary 3/1/19

    In honor of NEDA’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week theme “come as you are” Come as you are broken and bruised, triumphant and free, or tired and used Come as you are black, brown, white, red, or yellow Come as you are straight, gay, trans Jew, Muslim, Buddhist whatever you may choose    Come as you […]
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  • Recovery Diary 2/27/19

      Eating Disorder Awareness Week I didn’t know eating disorder awareness week existed until I went to treatment. Treatment changed me, opened me up to ideas, movements, advocacy, and hope. It showed me the army of people fighting on the other side of this disease, which is an illness I convinced myself for many years […]
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