• Recovery Diary 08/13/19

    Recovery Diary 08/13/19


    I am implementing time to simply be and not do. After all I am a human being, not a human doing, right?
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  • Recovery Diary 05/17/19

    Recovery Diary 05/17/19


    The concept of a spiritual realm is captivating, confusing, and requires complete faith because it’s a world we can’t fully understand. To quote my favorite Christmas movie, Santa Claus, “seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.” Once you come to a place where you believe that there’s more to this life than what we understand, then our eyes become opened to the spiritual moments we have every day. I call these spiritual encounters, Blue Moments. Blue is my favorite color as it reminds me of the ocean and scuba diving, the one place I feel most at peace with myself and...

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  • Recovery Diary 05/15/19

    Recovery Diary 05/15/19


    learn to be or else

    you miss the magic that is all around
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  • Recovery Diary 05/13/19

    Recovery Diary 05/13/19

    thinking is different than dreaming when you think you plan but when you dream you jump from cloud to cloud believing and trusting and knowing that the world is your playground this child wonder and thirst to create are essential to dreaming without them you won’t get anywhere they manifests ideas and plant seeds and water those ideas with belief until they take root and dreams no longer exists in clouds but right there in your garden where you can reach out and touch them you can lean down and smell the possibilities taking root

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  • Recovery Diary 05/12/19

    Recovery Diary 05/12/19

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    Faith is a concept of trusting that there is a reason, an intrinsic purpose for all of life, that fingerprints were painted onto to each hand with care and consideration, that snowflakes are crafted and not a random work of science, that the leaves of the trees, the spots of a ladybug, the voice of a human is all balanced according to its purpose in this world. Faith is both the strangest and most fascinating aspect of this life. It is a humbling admittance that we, as humans, don’t have all the answers. There are aspects of this world that...

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  • Recovery Diary 05/08/19

    Recovery Diary 05/08/19

    What does it mean to have an imprint on the world, to wake up every day completely convicted of your undying purpose for existing? I asked myself this quite frequently when I was drowning in darkness, utterly encapsulated with the regiment of starving myself day in and day out. What was the reason for living if all I could do was shrink? The answer didn't come for years, but it was always there. There in the back of my mind, fighting my thoughts of worthlessness and fear. I’ve known, I’ve always known there was a bigger plan for me. There’s...

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