Unpolished Journey’s #imnotsorry Campaign


It’s September 1st – a new month, new school year, new apartments for Emily and I, and the smell of fall is beginning to seep into the air.  Therefore, here at Unpolished Journey, we only thought it acceptable to launch our very first call to action campaign. We are calling it #imnotsorry.  The campaign’s main purpose is to debunk what society considers acceptable or normal.  We are asking you to post selfies with #imnotsorry in the caption explaining something that society has lead you to believe needs to be changed about you, but in reality is just a part of who you are. Emily and I will be participating alongside you guys in sharing what we no longer have to apologize about.  So check out our Instagram, @unpolishedjourney, in the afternoon to see our selfies alongside yours to see what aspects we are learning to own about ourselves.

In addition, Unpolished Journey’s blog will begin posting personal #imnotsorry stories from individuals we know or have connected with within the Unpolished community. So keep a look out throughout the week to read and share those blog posts.

Now, if all that wasn’t enough here is a video Emily and I put together trying to explain the campaign.  Watch, enjoy, share, and contribute. Also, check out the blog tomorrow for mine and Emily’s  #imnotsorry stories for inspiration on how to get started. We are looking forward to seeing all of your amazing faces while we debunk societal standards together!

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