Ticking Heart

There’s a ticking in my head.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

It sounds like a clock but I know it’s the beat of my heart. It beats from my head, controlling all that I do. Some call it passion, some call it spontaneity, I call it ticking- a life line, a source of comfort. My heart is in my head and my head is in my chest. I am backwards, upside down, and inside out, but I like it that way. It makes me feel whole to be fragmented in a way that brings my heart into the center of everything I do.

What’s a heart? What’s a head? These words mean so little to me in the context of subjective reality. One controls the other or the other control the latter. It doesn’t matter. We function. We live. We work. We sleep. It is what humans do and yet everyone is concerned about what makes their heart work. Concern diminishes the heart’s language. It silences it. It becomes mute and the head becomes loud and demanding. Stop trying to find the heart. Just let it be.

Live. Eat. Sleep. Walk. Talk. Eat some more.

The body has a magnificent way of aligning your purpose like stepping stones for a wobbling toddler. Step across the stream. Let the body, let the energy of your spirit guide you to whatever purpose you were given.

The minute we go searching for a purpose, purpose runs away. It hides and gets shy like you have just shown a light on a star. It is meant to shine only in the dark. Bring in a flashlight and suddenly the star disappears. Have patience. Have trust. Have confidence in the energies around you to align in ways that will strengthen your spirit, that will bring out your ticking heart. That will tick and tick and tick until that tick is all you know and suddenly your heart is in your head and your head is in your chest and you are all backwards and inside out because that’s the way true passion is expressed.

Just a thought.

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