The Limit Does Not Exist

Written by: Florence Taglight, contributing writer at Unpolished Journey and founder of her own blog (

Isn’t it funny how two words can have completely different meanings to different people, sometimes even the opposite? For example if you the friends episode where Joey gets all giddy about Charlie wearing thongs in Barbados……however she meant flip-flops not a thong to his dismay. Or for example when I said please can I have the rubber to someone in a class in America and quickly learnt that rubber has a VERY different meaning and in fact I was after an eraser.

So where am I going with all this?  As I’m sure you know this month’s intention and focus is all about boundaries; immediately I thought this meant the ability to push our boundaries, to set no limits, to achieve anything and everything we want too. However after reading the brilliant posts that have come before mine I soon realised that Emily and Morgan meant boundaries in a different way, the way I had in fact learnt in America: setting healthy boundaries. Nonetheless I shall write about my take on the theme, as we here believe that every viewpoint and perspective needs to be heard and discussed. Plus the more diverse we are the better and stronger.  

I was always told to go for my dreams and that I could be anything I wanted to be, but being told it and believing it aren’t the same thing at all. However I soon realised that the more I believe it the more  will prevail. By limiting my life to certain constraints in reality has just meant building the limits myself.

If we tell ourselves we can’t do this, or won’t ever be able to do that, those are just words right? They aren’t physical so ‘technically’ we actually can still do it, but no no our 21st century minds are far craftier than this. In our heads those words form cement that build bricks and end up creating walls.

And I think we all know our view on walls…

We often tell children or anyone else we care about to dream big, shoot for the stars, or that they are capable of reaching their dreams (maybe in a less cliché way), yet we are the first person to jump down our own throats and gripe ‘’Woaaah hold your horses Florence you will never be able to do…fill the blank with adventurous animal filled coffee discovering expedition’’ a.k.a ruling out that super cool fun expedition and never thinking of it again – hence turning words to walls.

So what I’m saying is stop setting boundaries, drawing lines, and putting up fences.

In the words of Caddy Heron ‘’ the limit does not exist ’’

P.S fun fact: She discovered this on October 3rd, which is also my birthday.

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