“The Flesh is the Surface of the Unknown”

Written by: Florence Taglight, contributing writer for Unpolished Journey and blogger at findingflo.co.uk

When an Artist starts a new artwork, they don’t start by imitating one they have already seen, one done by Hockney or Rothko.

When Musicians write a new song they don’t use the lyrics to other songs, or the same beat as the last number 1 hit (albeit, they come around, there are only so many words and notes)

And so why do we look at others and decide that’s how we should look too?

(N.B inspiration is allowed, after-all where would we be without it (Ellen D))

How boring would an art gallery be if each room were filled with the same paintings?

How tedious would car journeys be with every song the same? (Maybe this wasn’t the best metaphor as so many songs do indeed sound the same but imagine no indie-pop or Bob Marley dispersed throughout the Bieber’s and Swift’s).

And how DULL would life be if we looked all the same.


New thought – Imagine if all dogs looked the same? No cute squishy faced pugs. No Great Danes standing next to a sausage dog the length of it’s own leg. Just all the same one dog. I mean not only would that be boring but talk about CONFUSING!

What I am getting at here is what Victor Hugo puts eloquently in an abridged version. The flesh is just the surface, that’s all it is, a layer on the top, like the waves are the surface of the ocean.

The ocean itself is far more than the waves, and you are far more than your flesh.

And I can appreciate the former so whole-heartedly, so why can’t I start to appreciate that I, too am more than the flesh on my body?

Although I will never visit the ocean floor – if it means wearing any further equipment than a snorkel; I tried, I really did but me + underwater with no escape is a bit like those horrendous food concoction lists you see on Buzzfeed…(e.g. Hot Chocolate & Curry…feel free to Google the rest if you are that way inclined.), hence never discovering an amazing new type of starfish or seahorse. What I will do is try and discover something new about me; and that’s why you should try to discover something new about you too – on a regular basis.

Alike paintings and songs and dog breeds (not saying I am pro crossbreeding dogs) even animals in general there are always more to discover. You may think you know all your talents, whether that be singing, dancing, eating a whole tub of hummus most days… I guarantee you can find one more hidden beneath the waves.

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