The Cosmic Interactions of Our Souls

Written by: Morgan, Founder and Creative Director at Unpolished Journey.


When you start noticing the cosmetic features of a person, you remove yourself from the cosmic reaction of your two souls interacting for the first time.

I wrote this note in my phone about a week ago after watching a painter speak about his work. He talked about cosmic interactions and the energy forces which our eyes are unable to see.  He was speaking about this in relation to art, but I was thinking of this in relation to relationships and human interactions. All week I have been hung up on his words and the thoughts that they sparked within me. Now, after seeing the Embrace documentary on Thursday, I think I finally understand why.

As Taryn Brumfitt, maker of the documentary, Embrace, puts it, “the purpose of your life is not to be an ornament to be looked at, but to do and feel and contribute.” Each person has an energy force radiating from their soul.  Imagine a million tiny rainbow particles dancing in circles around your body, and her body, and his body, and their bodies.  A sea of color painted by passions, purpose, and love.  My soul may be bright blue and purple, yours might be green and pink.  My point is that we each have a unique display of energy within ourselves that directly parallels our passions and purposes in life. So what would it be like if our eyes saw that energy when we first met someone instead of the outward ornamentation that our society has programmed us to notice? How different our definitions of beauty would become!

In order to see the beauty radiating from each person’s soul, we must first retrain our minds to look at the soul instead external appearances. This is tricky because we come from a society that suffocates us in messages that we must fix, manipulate, and perfect our appearances in order to be beautiful, successful, or desirable. It’s not impossible though to recreate our associations with beauty. It will take a lot of dedication, openness, and vulnerability though.

What if the next time you meet up with someone you haven’t seen in a long time, instead of saying “wow, you look so good!” you ask “what was the most fulfilling thing you’ve done since I last saw you?” In doing this, you would be searching for insights into the state of someone’s soul and not their body.

What if the next time you are looking in the mirror, you stared straight into your eyes and asked yourself what makes you smile, or laugh, or cry? What if you stopped checking how much your thighs rub when you stand with your feet together or you didn’t turn around to criticize the role of fat sticking out from underneath your underwear line? What if you took a moment to truly speak with your soul? That piece of you that is cosmically so loud and explosive, but our society has taught us to silence.

These are just small steps towards reassociating our minds with what it means to be beautiful. Once, we start searching for glimpses into our souls then we start to understand where authentic, lasting beauty resides. It is not in the cosmetic features of ourselves or others, but in the cosmic reactions of our souls. But, what causes these cosmic reactions? What do I mean by the soul and energy and colors and all this hippie mumbo jumbo? I have come to understand my soul as the holding space for my passions, purposes, and loves. The soul is who I am outside of my physicality.  The soul is the eternal part of my existence.

Though mental illnesses likes to convince us otherwise, we all have a purpose.  This is not something that can be argued because by existing we know that our Higher Power has a plan for us. We all have something to contribute in this crazy world or else we wouldn’t be here. It is our soul which communicates that purpose. Through our purpose, we find peace within ourselves because we are no longer looking at our body’s for acceptance, but instead we are satisfied with our body’s ability to be the vessel towards owning space in this world. Each person’s journey towards finding their purpose is different. For me, I had to come to the end of myself, fall into treatment, and rebuild a broken life in order to understand my purpose. For others the journey may not be so dramatic, but all the same. Understanding your purpose becomes a game changer. It gives you a newfound ability to feel secure within yourself and stop looking to mortal, temporary means of acceptance, such as thinness, makeup, surgery, or a new diet.

Our purposes are all cosmic forces of energy colorfully on display.  The problem is that our earthly eyes don’t know how to see these wonderful pieces of art. We have to constantly work to retrain our eyes to see someone’s soul if we are ever going to understand true and lasting beauty.

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