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  • Soften My Brow

    Written by: Madeline McCallum, contributing writer and blogger at To be quite honest, lately I have had absolutely no clue how to practice self-compassion. I have felt like a train hurtling forward into infinity, with no end-point in sight and no time to look out the window. How could I nurture myself when I needed […]
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  • The Quiet Victories

    Written by: Emily Blair, Director of Operations Being able to let go is something that I struggle with daily.  There are so many things I hold onto so tightly.  So tight my knuckles turn white and my hand begins to ache.  And the white color becomes the norm.  I forget the color of my skin […]
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  • The Story Behind the Logo

    Written by: Morgan, the Founder and Creative Director of Unpolished Journey.  With special thanks to Julia Hagen for helping Unpolished Journey bring their ideas to life. To present Unpolished Journey’s logo is a surreal and baffling experience for me.  Having started this organization on a whim as a blog to chronicle my many many many […]
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