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  • Recovery Diary 2/09/19

    I’m 13 hours ahead of everyone back home. Saturday is ending, while in Chicago the sun just came up. Time is a warped concept that leaves me feeling upside down and backwards, never quite knowing what to make of its strange and twisted factors. The half-moon is in three days. The tides are slowly receding […]
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  • Recovery Diary 09/16/18

    When I was in Costa Rica in February, everyone gathered on the beach with drums and ribbons to dance, howl, and sing as the sun set. There was a loud roar from the entire crowd when the sun made its final descent along the horizon. When the party slowly faded and the sky turned from […]
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  • Why I am Thankful for My Eating Disorder

    Written by: Morgan Blair, founder and creative director of Unpolished Journey In honor of NEDA Awareness Week 2018 and all those battling eating disorders. Let’s turn the tables for a second. Take a positive outlook on the insidious diseases that eating disorders are. In AA they have a saying that eventually those who struggle get […]
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