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  • To My Younger Self

    Written by: Morgan Blair, Founder and Creative Director of Unpolished Journey. In honor of NEDAwareness week, the team of Unpolished Journey decided to write letters to our younger selves.  After completing the letter and rereading it, I was caught off guard by how kind the words were. I wasn’t expecting the compassion and empathy I […]
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  • Kelly’s #imnotsorry Story

    Written by Kelly – social worker, former LUC Rambler, and fan of Unpolished Journey. #imnotsorry I don’t wear makeup. #imnotsorry I don’t do my hair. #imnotsorry I don’t know how to contour or operate a curling iron. #imnotsorry that the last time I wore lipstick was on my wedding day – or at least the […]
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