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  • Recovery Diary 08/26/18

    Classical music in the early mornings is not a foreign concept. It feels repetitive; meditative. It puts me in a trance able to ease racing thoughts and any bodily discomfort. Mornings are a time of reflection to sit and think, think, and think some more. Mornings are sacred. Mornings consist of mediation, reading, writing, and […]
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  • Bee’s #myunpolishedjourney Story

    #myunpolishedjourney stories are stories individuals share about their journey with mental illness and recovery. Interested in sharing? Email us at Tell me a little about yourself.  My name is Bee, and I am 21 years old. I am hoping to return to education in September to study Psychology after taking some time off to […]
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  • When

    By: Morgan Blair For everyone who has ever had a bad day. When you cry from deep in your belly, And your sobs turn into heaving, And your body is clenched with no hope of tasting a breath. When you can bathe in the tears pouring from your eyes, And the saltwater burns as it […]
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