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  • Free Refills Unavailable

    Written by: Florence Taglight, contributing writer for Unpolished Journey and blogger at Free refills unavailable. Unlike most places in America, here in the U.K we don’t get free refills at restaurants, so once you’ve drunk your drink, you’re done and either order another, or perhaps switch it up to water.  Needless to say on […]
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  • The Body Wasn’t Meant to Shrink

    Written By: Emily Rutherford, contributing writer and mental health advocate. Check out her Instagram @artwithanxiety for more of her work! My body wasn’t meant to shrink, it was meant to stand tall and grounded. My body wasn’t meant to make me feel insecure. It’s meant to make me comfortable in my skin. It’s the only […]
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  • Finding the Body’s True Purpose Through Recovery

    Look into the mirror, what do you see? Do your eyes automatically skim your thighs, labeling them as too thick, or your face as too round, or your stomach as too soft? Do you find yourself analyzing, criticizing, and judging each part of your external appearance? Take a step back, close your eyes. Breathe. Think […]
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