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  • Recovery Diary 10/29/18

    Stick with it. It gets better. Trust me. -Note to self Everything is different moment by moment. Things peak and then crash each time I open my mouth to breathe. My lungs are unstable pipe bombs that vacillate between filling with fire or cotton, leaving me to either breathe out sparks or clouds. Waking up […]
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  • Recovery Diary 09/01/18

    It’s Saturday morning and it’s storming. The clouds are spitting tears and the skies are screaming through flashes of anger and thunderous pain. It’s gray and dark, the music on my phone feels nostalgic as if I am being transported back three or four years to a time not unlike the storm. Where my eyelids […]
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  • Navigating the Holidays in Recovery

    Written by: Morgan Blair, Founder and Creative Director of Unpolished Journey Those who are in recovery from eating issues, substances, or mental illnesses navigate the holidays differently than the rest of the world. I don’t say this to ostracize those in recovery, but in attempt to validate feelings of misplacement or misunderstanding in your day […]
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