Written by: Morgan Blair, Founder and Creative Director

My heart felt dry, like someone had taken a sponge to the pumping machine inside my vulnerable chest and dried up all the blood, water, and liquid that might have offered some relief. My eyes were dry. My skin cracked. And there came a time when I was so delusional that I had no concept of which way was up and which way was down.  

Then came the fall. The painfully, terrifying free fall towards everything new and nothing I understood. The fall towards the unknown.  The inevitable fall. I had been resting on the edge of a cliff for years now, teetering between what was real and what wasn’t. Until one day I finally said, “it’s about time,” and jumped off the side.

I fell for months in complete darkness with no idea where I was headed. I fell in despair and hopelessness, in tribulation and trials. I fell for everything that was no longer serving me and towards everything that could be rebuilt.

There was a bottom. It came with a thud and skinned knees. It came abruptly. It was painful. It was scary. After all, I had lived in utter blackness for months. I didn’t recognize the world when it was caked in such color and possibilities. I wanted to go back. I wanted to rest back on the cliff in the confusion and depraved heart. “Help,” I called out and there in the space above my scared little body came a hand. “Take it,” said the hand and the moment I reached up and touched it everything became clear.

Rainbows and butterflies, dancing unicorns and glittering turtles. The world became a magical place.

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