Don’t Put Down Your Dreams

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You can almost look anywhere and find someone who is living a so called ‘dream’ of a life. We begin to wonder what it would be like to live like them, travel to the places they have been, and experience life to the fullest. We may even begin to put ourselves down, play the victim, and believe that we can never achieve such things. It’s a shame really, how many of us stop pursuing our calling due to fear of failure, or never living up to our own expectations. We can be our own worst enemies if we continue to allow our thoughts to dictate what we become. To put it in simplest of terms, we will not achieve our own dreams by comparing our life to another’s. Your life is your own creation, and the dreams that you want to pursue are completely possible…it begins with the belief in yourself. 

I have a lot of dreams, and like most of us, they started accumulating back when I was a little kid. Any time I would experience something that moved me in an inspiring way, I immediately wanted to take that route in life. I have wanted to become anywhere from a lawyer, to a firefighter, to a dermatologist, to a therapist, you name it, it did not take much for me to latch onto some big elaborate future. As I have gotten older though, the types of dreams I have for myself are more about quality of life, and the impact I am having on the world around me. But like all dreams we have for ourselves, they all require a bit of falling down, standing back up, and trying again. Some dreams may need to be improvised, or a shift in direction may need to occur, but one thing remains true: Dreams do not give up on you; only you can give up on a dream.

What I have begun to learn when it comes to dreams is that we must remain accountable for our actions. Consistently ask yourself this: Are the choices I’m making today getting me closer to the life I know is possible for myself? If the answer is yes, then good. Continue going down the path you are on and continue exploring all of life’s possibilities. If the answer is no, dig into that. What is it that you are doing to avoid the steps you should be taking? What factors can be removed from your life that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential? Life is a constant checks and balances system where we must keep ourselves in line. We need to keep track of the way we are treating ourselves, and the messages we may be telling ourselves unconsciously. When we start taking charge of our life we start to notice which areas are holding us back, and which areas we can continue to grow into.

There is also the problem of having too many dreams or ideas for oneself. We can hold ourselves back by not going into a dream whole heartedly. We may hold onto the idea that we will choose the wrong path to take, and by doing this, we may never choose one at all. This is just fear talking; your ego wanting to remain in control of the situation. It sees your dreams as a threat, and it is only through perseverance and trying anyway that we can learn that fear has no power over us at all. It only seems as though before we start. Dreams start when we start. Period. If having too many dreams is something that resonates with you, just pick one. If that one fails and you no longer feel called to pursue it, well then at least you tried. Then you can travel down a new route until you discover which dream is yours to follow. Isn’t life just a trial and error process anyways? Give your dreams a chance. What do you have to lose?

When it comes to dreams, they are just that until you begin to make them a reality. I have always been a firm believer in ideas choosing the right person. It is no mistake. Creativity, imagination, and self-expression is within each and every one of us. Do not put down the dreams you want to pursue, and never allow anyone else to talk you out of something that feels right to you. We can compare all we want, or wonder ‘what if?’ until we are blue in the face, but only you can achieve the dreams you have. There is no magic button, or genie in a bottle…there is you, a dream, and the actions you take to get you there.

What are you waiting for? START!


Thank you for reading!


Megan Lawrence

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