Anxiety Subsides When We Trust Ourselves

Written by: Marcela Sabía, contributing writer.  Follow more of her journey on her Instagram, @marcelailustra.

The other day I was faced with a problem that I didn’t know how to approach. I was feeling anxious and lost after so much deliberation and uncertainty. As usual, I called a friend for advice. We talked for a while, and she shared her perspective on the situation. I knew she had the best intentions when giving her input, but I didn’t feel relieved after the conversation.

I felt uncertain about the advice she gave me because it did not align with my values. My friend’s perspective was true to her values but not mine. I don’t mean that in a bad way – I simply mean that we are different people. But I felt so distressed and insecure about the issue at hand that I decided to follow what she told me anyway. My anxiety left my mind clouded and feelings of insecurity surfaced as I told myself that I was unable to sort things out my way.

Days passed, and I felt increasingly agitated by the situation. So agitated that I found myself crying frequently.  Clearly, I was not okay with the outcome. I found myself in my room and decided to take a moment to clear my thoughts. I lit a candle I use for meditation, sat on the floor, and closed my eyes. As I focused on my breath and silently let my thoughts surface, I realized I knew how I wanted to approach the situation. My gut, my intuition was providing solutions, but I had chosen not to pay attention to them or rely on my own opinions. Sitting in my room, with my eyes closed, I realized how desperately I needed to trust my intuition, my mind, and my heart.  

While I think asking for advice is a wonderful tool and can provide a new perspective or help you think more rationally about a situation, I also believe it is necessary that we learn to trust ourselves. If I had genuinely listened to my own opinion, I likely would not have experienced as much anxiety over the situation. But fear and insecurity made me believe more in someone else’s opinion than in my own.

It is necessary to know oneself, to love oneself, and to trust oneself. We have within us a universe of infinite wisdom, and we must learn to draw upon it. We must believe we have an opinion worth sharing and a voice worth listening to.


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