Morgan Blair

I work with individuals who are recovering from eating disorders, negative body image, exercise addictions, weight stigma, and the stress of living in a diet centric world. Whether you have been through multiple rounds of eating disorder treatment or are just beginning on your recovery journey, I work with each person to tailor my services to meet their unique individual needs. I believe that anyone is capable of recovering from an eating disorder and I want you to know that no matter how defeated or hopeless you may feel I am willing to fight alongside you until we find an approach that works. 

I am not like other counselors. I don't adhere to the traditional methods of the treatment of eating disorders because I believe each individual is far too unique to be given a one size fits all approach to their journey. I believe that the psychological state of an individual cannot properly be addressed without attending to the physical and spiritual aspects as well. 

I am here to serve and support you. If you have been stuck in a cycle of treatment stays, traumatized by the quick weight restoration process, or are simply feeling confused about how to find recovery, I am here and willing to work with you to try something different. 

Northwestern University
Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Bachelors in Art Therapy

Ulu Yoga
Registered Multi-style Yoga Teacher

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About Unpolished Joureny

Welcome to Unpolished Journey, a place where the truth behind mental health recovery is spoken about, awareness is spread, and healing is believed in. Unpolished Journey is run by Morgan Blair, a practicing psychotherapist and artist, whose mission is to help each person find their own authentic recovery.