You deserve safety, liberation, and connection. 

Morgan Blair

I am a counselor who works with individuals healing from trauma and eating disorders. 

I support individuals in building safety, facilitating body liberation, and reconnecting with their resiliency. 

My Beliefs...

I believe in taking an empowering approach to counseling where collaboration and the client’s voice are at the forefront of the healing process.

I believe in gentleness, pacing, and grounding while diving into the parts of our story that are keeping us from living a fully embodied life.

I believe in you, my clients, the people who are willing to move towards healing, and the bravery there is in simply showing up.

I believe that all bodies deserved to be liberated. Queer bodies, disabled bodies, fat bodies, bodies of all colors and shapes are welcome.

I believe in intersectionality and honoring each person’s identity. I believe in processing and considering the impact of racial backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, sexuality, gender expression, religious or spiritual beliefs, etc. on our emotional struggles.

I believe in the therapeutic relationship and the healing that exists from being seen by another human being in all our messiness and in all our struggles.

My Approach...

Above all else, I believe people need to be heard, need to be understood, and need to be embraced. I believe in people's stories. I believe in people's resiliency. I believe in people's power. My work as a therapist is to support individuals as they tap back into their inner strength, their inner okayness, and their inner peace. Trauma and eating disorders can strip away our feelings of safety and leave us disconnected from our own intuition. 

I work with individuals to integrate their past experiences into the present and build a sense of safety within their bodies. I do so through listening, through validating, through sorting the parts of our stories that have been labeled as "off-limits" and thrown deep inside a closet. I work with individuals to sit with themselves, to learn themselves, and to reconnect with their ability to withstand and release pain. 

My Theoretical Orientation...

I am a mindfulness-based trauma-informed therapist who takes an integrative approach to counseling. My practice is most aligned with the following theoretical orientations: 

-Expressive Arts
-Somatic Experiencing

More About Me...


MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Northwestern University, 2020
BA in Art Therapy, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2017

Professional Credentials

National Certified Counselor, National Board for Certified Counselors, 2021
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, Permit Number LPCC.0018147, 2020
Certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 2018


Emotion Focused Family Therapy EFFT Core Principles Training, Dr. Adele Lafrance, March 2021 


Clinical Mental Health Counseling Virtual Conference, Somatic Experiencing in the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa, April 2021